SMK Institute:

(Empowering Lives Through Education)

No child should have to compromise on his/her aspirations, due to lack of access to education. We, at SMK Institute, strive hard to transform lives through education. It can play a crucial role of breaking the cycle of poverty & restoring the self-confidence & self-esteem of communities. Our mission is to help individuals realise their potential & strengthen it further through active participation.

  • Coaching for 11th & 12th Classes (PCM Stream)

    The institute provides on-line (for out station students) as well as in-person tuition to students through a team of dedicated faculties. Our experience has been that students from science stream (Physics, chemistry & Maths – PCM) require extra attention to understand the science/maths basic concepts to achieve a desired standard. Thus our coaching is currently restricted to PCM stream. These coaching classes, while preparing students for 12th board exams, automatically enable students for NDA entrance exam.

  • Computer Training Centre

    Part of SMK Institute, the objective of this wing is to initiate students towards computer literacy over a period of 3 months. Through a combination of theory classes & practicals, students gain a thorough understanding of computer hardware, software, applications, operating systems, concepts & utilities. Subsequently trainees are enrolled into advanced computer programmes to equip them with essential skills to step into today’s digital era. At the end of course, students are tested (through recognised test schedules) and certified on their proficiency level. Though students can now seek employment but additionally they are now eligible & ready to crack Government CCC examination (course on computer concepts) to further their credentials, for better placement.

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