SMK Vocational Training Centre

(Re-Building Lives)

Millions had been traumatised due to the loss of lives to Covid. The miseries were further compounded, where the sole bread earner of the family had been lost. The onus of providing for the family in such cases, now fell on the women folks, who were ill-equipped for this additional responsibility. The vocational training centre of Shree Maa Care Foundation came into being to address this urgent need by enabling individuals to become self-reliant (Aatm-nirbhar). The centre encourages enrolment by partly supplementing trainee’s income, through an in-house developed concept ‘EARN WHILE YOU LEARN’. This is a very crucial aspect of their self-belief and self-confidence building process towards ‘हम होंगे कामयाबI

The centre provides comprehensive training in the form of theory, practicals, internship & on the job training (where ever feasible) through tie-ups with the industry, thereby preparing them for placements/ entrepreneurship. Vocational training is completely free of charge.

Typically a course duration is about 12 weeks (3 months), at the end of which, trainees are tested for their competence. Those who meet the standards, are awarded a ‘Certificate of Proficiency’& those who fall short are further trained till they achieve the required proficiency.

Vocational Training Activities

  • Tailoring / Handicraft

    A comprehensive course covering the theory of tailoring, types of textiles, threads and some basics of the tools/ machines used for various tailoring assignments. Students are progressively exposed to the basics of hemming, measurements, marking & cutting followed by various styles of stitching. Extensive hands on training helps them excel. The course is designed to help individuals secure a placement in the garment industry or start a venture of their own.

  • Apron, Bag & Mat fabrication

    Trainees during this course learn various styles of crafting, and materials suitable for each type with special emphasis on details, durability & functionality of their creations. They are encouraged to give value addition to their designs through their imagination & creativity. We encourage trainees to join hands and form a cooperative to handle bigger assignments through better management and economy of scale.

  • Art & Craft (Artificial Jewellery Making)

    A thorough training schedule imparts the intricate skills of fabricating artificial jewellery. Students learn basic jewellery designing concepts, various techniques & styles with special attention to detail. Trainees are encouraged to explore their own creativity, reflecting their individuality through their creations. Through hands on training, students master the art of jewellery craftsmanship, there by enabling them to become a part of this evergreen cottage industry.

  • Baking

    Baking training covers the entire process of baking right from equipment/tools/ types of baking pans & ovens used for various styles of baking, the material used, mixing methods for preparing the batter, fermentation process, baking temperatures and various types and styles of icing, catering to various dietary preferences such as eggless preparations etc.

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