Shree Maa Care Foundation draws guiding philosophy from its motto “सर्वेभवन्तुसुखिन”, i.e “May All Beings be Happy”. The motto basically implores all of us to live in harmony with nature & its creations. From this motto flows down its vision, which is to promote :
“Preservation of Nature Through Sustainable & Peaceful Co-existence”.

To achieve Foundation’s Vision, the following key areas have been identified:



Promote education (formal & informal formats), undertake/arrange lectures, seminars, short/long-term courses and educational tours for the target group. Where ever possible facilitate schooling through affiliation with the educational institute (s) & education boards including distance learning/ open university programs.

Health Care

Promote preventive health care (Physical & Mental), hygiene & sanitation, through awareness campaigns. Assist/ Counsel/ provide referral guidance to sick & different-ly-abled. Encourage/ promote Ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy & yoga for healthy living. Provide relief to the poor through ‘Jan Aushadhi Abhiyaan’.

Social Responsibility

Impart human values, promote team spirit and inculcate a sense of social responsibility among youth/students by encouraging/organising social activities such as visits to orphanages, old age homes, and awareness campaigns for blood/eye/organ donations. Empower women towards financial independence through literacy/ education, rehabilitation, vocational training & counselling among financially weak/illiterates, through Govt sponsored schemes or CSR.

Environment Protection

To create awareness about Environment Protection, Afforestation / Re-plantation, Waste Land Management, Soil conservation& Animal protection, etc. Sensitise people towards the importance of conserving natural resources & maintaining ecological balance.

Long Term Mission

  • Encourage & promote R&D in all spheres, including (but not restricted to) science, technology, engineering, medicine & human psychology.

  • Establish exclusive welfare centres for women’s education, rehabilitation, vocational training, health care & counselling (especially for children & adolescents).

  • To work for the education and welfare of the widows/families of martyrs, ex-servicemen and prisoners.

  • Establish permanent food camps for the underprivileged, hungry & malnourished.

  • Organise medical camps for immunisation, mother-child care & other fields on a regular basis.

  • Provide assistance & relief in times of disaster (natural or otherwise) & subsequent rehabilitation.

  • Aid/ establish/ run senior citizen/old age homes with complete physical, mental care & amusement facilities (irrespective of the financial status of the affected).

  • Establish shelters for the homeless, orphanages, counselling & rehabilitation centres.

  • Promote all forms of sports for all, irrespective of age, gender, and financial status.

  • Encourage/aid self-sustaining skills /initiatives, including the promotion of cooperative societies. Aid / encourage community initiatives to enhance ‘quality of Life’ with a special focus on promoting mental health (Clinical/Counselling) through social, cultural & religious functions.

  • Promote love among all & for all beings.

    Promote alternate/ traditional medicine through the use of natural herbs. Encourage organic farming and aid safe storage & processing of agricultural produce. Promote scientific cultivation & organic farming through seminars, practical demonstrations &training for farmers. Work towards preventing exploitation of farmers, agriculture workers, unorganised, Industrial, and Migrant labour.

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